${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 P16, Cyclin D1, Ki-67, and AMACR as markers for dysplasia in Barrett esophagus 50% cells positive) was displayed mostly in HGD and AdenoCa (46.7% and 42.3%, respectively). Ki-67 index increased with the severity of dysplasia and labeling extended from the lower third of the crypts to the superficial epithelium. The frequency of AMACR-positivity was 12% in BE, 47.1% in IND, 44.4% in LGD, 93.3% in HGD, and 96.2% in AdenoCa. The intensity and extent of AMACR staining also increased with the severity of dysplasia. Aberrant p16 and high-cyclin D1 expression may reflect early genetic events during the progression of Barrett-associated carcinogenesis. Cytoplasmic staining of p16 is specific. It may represent a different pathway of p16 dysfunction. The pattern and extent of Ki-67 staining and AMACR overexpression are useful additional parameters for identifying dysplasia in BE.]]> Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:46:51 AEDT ]]>