/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Image-based food portion size estimation using a smartphone without a fiducial marker /manager/Repository/uon:48611 P<0·05) for all but one food (egg, P>0·05). Conclusions: Elimination of a fiducial marker and application of virtual reality, the International Food Unit™ and an automated training allowed quick food volume estimation and control of the estimation error. The estimated volume could be used to search a nutrient database and determine energy and nutrients in the diet.]]> Wed 22 Mar 2023 14:36:56 AEDT ]]> On Sp4 modularity of Picard-Fuchs differential equations for Calabi-Yan threefolds /manager/Repository/uon:11526 Wed 11 Apr 2018 16:20:38 AEST ]]> New analogues of Clausen’s identities arising from the theory of modular forms /manager/Repository/uon:11910 Wed 11 Apr 2018 11:38:38 AEST ]]>