/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Dietary changes in migrant adolescents with increasing length of stay in Australia and associated risk of wheeze - a retrospective, cross sectional study /manager/Repository/uon:20997 n = 144) in a multicultural high school in Western Sydney completed the asthma symptoms ISAAC video questionnaire (AVQ3.0), spirometry and allergy skin prick tests. A dietitian administered a 'Food Frequency' and 'Food Habits' questionnaire and a dietary history interview. Results: Students who spoke a language other than English, consumed a traditional or mixed dietary pattern, with lower consumption of saturated fat, compared to students who spoke English only. Saturated fat intake increased and fibre intake decreased with length of time in Australia. Intake of foods high in saturated or trans fatty acids were positively associated with length of stay in Australia. No associations between nutrient intake or whole food intake and self-reported wheeze were observed. Conclusion: As time progressed, dietary intake of immigrant children changed. While this was not associated with the development of wheeze in the students in this cohort, these changes are likely to have negative health consequences.]]> Wed 11 Apr 2018 11:16:19 AEST ]]> Impact and cost of the peer-led students as lifestyle activists programme in high schools /manager/Repository/uon:39905 2 fruit serves/day (p < .001), 2.5% increase in eating >4 vegetable serves/day (p  < .05), a 4.3% increase in drinking <1 cup/day of SSB (p  < .001) but limiting screen-time <2 hours/day decreased by 4.4% (p  < .001). There were significant improvements in students’ intentions to change EBRBs over the next month, with the exception of MVPA. The average actual cost of implementing the SALSA programme in 2014–2015 was AU$1,388 (US$958) per school and AU$9.97 (US$6.88) per student. Conclusion: The SALSA peer education programme had a positive impact on most of the dietary EBRBs examined. The cost evaluation showed that it is a relatively low-cost programme to implement.]]> Fri 15 Jul 2022 11:28:11 AEST ]]>