/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Measuring Disability in Consumers of mental health services – psychometric properties of the World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 (WHODAS 2.0) in Ghana /manager/Repository/uon:55183 Wed 24 Apr 2024 09:48:10 AEST ]]> A Qualitative Study of Consumers’ Experiences of the Quality of Mental Health Services in Ghana /manager/Repository/uon:44752 Wed 13 Mar 2024 07:49:58 AEDT ]]> Factors associated with the quality of mental health services and consumers' functionality using tertiary-based services /manager/Repository/uon:44731 Mon 24 Oct 2022 08:28:43 AEDT ]]> Mediation and moderation effects of health system structure and process on the quality of mental health services in Ghana - Structural equation modelling /manager/Repository/uon:40749 0.05) and type of services (β = 0.025; p>0.05) had a positive moderating effect on the relationship between health system structure and outcome but were not significant. Conclusion: Improvements to mental health system structure and the process could promote the quality of services as experienced by consumers. Government stakeholders are encouraged to accordingly strengthen health systems with the aim of improving the mental health outcomes for consumers.]]> Mon 18 Jul 2022 13:33:26 AEST ]]> A qualitative study of evidence-based therapeutic process in mental health services in Ghana– context-mechanisms-outcomes /manager/Repository/uon:45474 Fri 28 Oct 2022 14:37:19 AEDT ]]>