/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Filtration-UV irradiation as an option for mitigating the risk of microbiologically influenced corrosion of subsea construction alloys in seawater /manager/Repository/uon:19828 Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:56:58 AEDT ]]> Microorganisms associated with corrosion of structural steel in diverse atmospheres /manager/Repository/uon:25124 Brevundimonas diminuta were predominant whereas Clostridium and Pseudomonas species dominated for inland sites with agricultural or forestry activities. Bacillus and Enterococcus were dominant for sites close to a fertilizer plant and a sewage treatment plant, respectively. Actinobacteria species dominated at sub-alpine conditions. Results from this study indicate that microbial communities on corroding steel exposed to atmospheric conditions are the result of deposition of locally-generated aerosols. Acid-producing activity and exopolysaccharide (EPS) production was widespread and rapidly detected in microbial cultures from all the exposure sites. Sulphate-reducing bacteria were not detected in this study. These results suggest that acid production and EPS synthesis can be important mechanisms for microbial corrosion of steel under atmospheric conditions.]]> Mon 23 Sep 2019 10:59:47 AEST ]]>