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Welcome to NOVA.

This form enables students of the University of Newcastle to submit their theses or major projects to the University of Newcastle's digital repository, NOVA. Inclusion of eligible theses in the Australasian Digital Theses Program will occur as a result of deposit.

You will be asked to attach the file(s) you wish to deposit and then provide some information to describe them.The preferred browser for this form is Internet Explorer; using other browsers may cause problems with attaching files. If you do not have access to Internet Explorer, Firefox has been found to be a good alternative. If you need assistance please contact us.

You will be presented with the following steps:

  1. Information collection
    • Upload the files
    • General resource description
    • About the author
    • Select a resource type
    • About the thesis
    • About the rights
  2. Review/Change the information you entered.
  3. Confirm submission.

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The deposit into NOVA will release your thesis for worldwide access via the Web. Alternatively, you may restrict all access for an approved period of time.

Select the level of access to your document:

Release the document for worldwide access.
Restrict all access to the document for a defined period of time.

Restrict all access to the document for a defined period of time:
All requests for restrictions must be approved via the Application for Embargo form. If you have not already obtained permission for an embargo, please enter the number of months you are applying for, and we will hold your thesis for a time until you have obtained permission. If we have not received notification of embargo approval within a reasonable period of time we will publish your thesis.

Please indicate the number of months the restriction applies in the box below. (Please note: While the content will be restricted an entry for this work will be added to NOVA and will be publically available until the restriction period has lapsed for the document.)

months. Note: the maximum period is 24 months (2yrs).

Authenticity Statement:
I certify that this is a direct electronic equivalent of the copy of my thesis approved by the University for the award of the degree, or of my major project/work. No emendation of content has occurred, and if there are any minor variations in formatting, they are a result of the conversion to Adobe Acrobat format.
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NOVA Deposit Licence
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  By submitting this material, you (the author(s), copyright owner or agent):
  • a. Agree to the terms of the Deposit Licence; and
  • b. Grant a non-exclusive licence to NOVA that confirms the following:
    • You are the author, one of the authors, an agent of one of the authors, or the copyright holder of the Work.
    • You have authority to give the University of Newcastle the right to publish the Work in NOVA.
    • The work is original and does not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe upon anyone's copyright.

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