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You are about to begin the deposit process for University of Newcastle. You will be asked to attach the file(s) you wish to deposit and then provide some information to describe them.

You will be presented with the following steps:

  1. Information collection
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    • About the rights
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    • You have authority to give the University of Newcastle the right to publish the Work in NOVA.
    • The work is original and does not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe upon anyone's copyright.
Please assist me with this process

If you are unsure of whether you have the right to grant the Deposit Licence, the Repository Manager will help you to determine what your rights are and, if necessary, assist you to get the clearance to put your material into NOVA. The material will not be made publicly available through NOVA until the Repository Manager is confident of the authorisation.

Please enter any details you know that may help with the investigation. You may also attach documents, such as copies of emails or publisher agreements, using the Upload section above.

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