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Add Effectiveness of habitat classes as surrogates for biodiversity in marine reserve planning Dixon-Bridges, Kylie; Hutchings, Pat; Gladstone, William August 2, 2015 10:30:36 AM EST
Add Strengthening the rigour of population-wide, community-based obesity prevention evaluations Wolfenden, Luke; Wiggers, John August 2, 2015 10:29:56 AM EST
Add Common genetic variants in the plasminogen activation pathway are not associated with multiple sclerosis Cox, Mathew B.; Bowden, Nikola A.; Scott, Rodney J.; Lechner-Scott, Jeannette August 2, 2015 10:29:22 AM EST
Add Novel partial 5HT3 agonist pumosetrag reduces acid reflux events in uninvestigated GERD patients after a standard refluxogenic meal: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pharmacodynamic study Choung, R. S.; Locke III, G. R.; Talley, N. J.; Francis, D. D.; Katzka, D.; Winkle, P. J.; Orr, W. C.; Crowell, M. D.; Devault, K.; Harmsen, W. S.; Zinsmeister, A. R. August 2, 2015 10:28:09 AM EST
Add Periodontal disease: modulation of the inflammatory cascade by dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids Sculley, D. V. August 2, 2015 10:25:35 AM EST
Add The balance between human maternal plasma angiotensin II and angiotensin 1-7 levels in early gestation pregnancy is influenced by fetal sex Sykes, Shane D.; Pringle, Kirsty G.; Zhou, Ang; Dekker, Gustaaf A.; Roberts, Claire T.; Lumbers, Eugenie R.; ., August 2, 2015 10:24:55 AM EST
Add Improvement of transient response in signal transformation approach by proper compensator initialization Bazaei, Ali; Moheimani, S.O. Reza; Yong, Yuen K. August 2, 2015 10:23:05 AM EST
Add Macronutrient intake and type 2 diabetes risk in middle-aged Australian women: results from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health Alhazmi, Amani; Stojanovski, Elizabeth; McEvoy, Mark; Garg, Manohar L. August 2, 2015 10:22:43 AM EST
Add Career choices and destinations of rural nursing students undertaking single and double degrees in nursing Hickey, Noelene; Harrison, Linda August 2, 2015 10:22:24 AM EST