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Add Gain more insight from your PLS-SEM results the importance-performance map analysis Ringle, Christian M.; Sarstedt, Marko August 17, 2017 3:50:58 PM EST
Add Developing independent listening skills for English as an additional language students Picard, Michelle; Velautham, Lalitha August 17, 2017 3:16:36 PM EST
Add Aiming for the truth: understanding the difference between validity and precision Attia, John R.; Jones, Michael P.; Suthers, Belinda August 17, 2017 2:57:44 PM EST
Add Direct computation of shakedown loads via incremental elastoplastic analysis Hjiaj, M.; Krabbenhøft, K.; Lyamin, A. V. August 17, 2017 2:40:59 PM EST
Add Gap analysis of green features in condominiums between potential homeowners and real estate agents: a pilot study in Singapore Low, Sui Pheng; Gao, Shang; Teo, Ling Ling Grace August 17, 2017 2:29:55 PM EST
Add Uncovering the diverse cultural bases of social identity: ingroup ties predict self-stereotyping among individualists but not among collectivists Rubin, Mark; Milanov, Milen; Paolini, Stefania August 17, 2017 2:07:52 PM EST
Add Speciation and health risk assessment of arsenic in groundwater of Punjab, Pakistan Shakoor, M. B.; Niazi, N. K.; Bibi, I.; Rahman, M. M.; Naidu, R.; Shahid, M.; Nawaz, M. F.; Arshad, M. August 17, 2017 1:17:41 PM EST
Add Extremes in rainfall and runoff in the Monsoonal North West of Australia derived from paleoclimate archives Verdon-Kidd, Danielle C.; Hancock, Gregory R.; Lowry, John B. C. August 17, 2017 1:17:25 PM EST
Add The impact of childhood reading on the development of environmental values Freestone, Margaret; O'Toole, John Mitchell August 17, 2017 12:36:36 PM EST
Add Structured interviews examining the burden, coping, self-efficacy, and quality of life among family caregivers of persons with dementia in Singapore Tay, Kay Chai Peter; Seow, Chuen Chai Dennis; Xiao, Chunxiang; Lee, Hui Min Julian; Chiu, Helen F. K.; Chan, Sally Wai-Chi August 17, 2017 12:36:24 PM EST
Add Introducing loupes to clinical practice: dental hygienists experiences and opinions Hayes, M. J.; Taylor, J. A.; Smith, D. R. August 17, 2017 12:36:13 PM EST
Add Improved heart rate recovery despite reduced exercise performance following heavy training: a within-subject analysis Thomson, Rebecca L.; Bellenger, Clint R.; Howe, Peter R. C.; Karavirta, Laura; Buckley, Jonathan D. August 17, 2017 12:36:00 PM EST
Add A reclaimer scheduling problem arising in coal stockyard management Angelelli, Enrico; Kalinowski, Thomas; Kapoor, Reena; Savelsbergh, Martin W. August 17, 2017 12:35:44 PM EST
Add Privatised rights, segregated childhoods: a critical analysis of neoliberal education policy in India Thapliyal, Nisha August 17, 2017 12:35:31 PM EST
Add Engaging families in early intervention for child conduct concerns Plath, Debbie; Crofts, Penny; Stuart, Graeme August 17, 2017 12:35:17 PM EST
Add Research and policy in education: evidence, ideology and impact Whitty, Geoff August 17, 2017 12:35:00 PM EST
Add A study on detecting three-dimensional balls using boosted classifiers Metcalfe, Mitchell; Annable, Brendan; Olejniczak, Monica; Chalup, Stephan K. August 17, 2017 12:33:43 PM EST
Add Specific anion effects on the internal structure of a poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) brush Murdoch, Timothy J.; Humphreys, Ben A.; Willott, Joshua D.; Gregory, Kasimir P.; Prescott, Stuart W.; Nelson, Andrew; Wanless, Erica J.; Webber, Grant B. August 17, 2017 12:33:16 PM EST
Add Influence of anion hydrophilicity on the conformation of a hydrophobic weak polyelectrolyte brush Murdoch, Timothy J.; Willott, Joshua D.; de Vos, Wiebe M.; Nelson, Andrew; Prescott, Stuart W.; Wanless, Erica J.; Webber, Grant B. August 17, 2017 12:33:02 PM EST
Add The inedito viavel (untested feasibility) of practitioner imaginations: reflections on the challenges and possibilities of dialogic praxis for equity and widening participation Lumb, Matt; Roberts, Sheena August 17, 2017 12:26:37 PM EST
Add Necessary and sufficient graphical conditions for affine formation control Lin, Zhiyun; Wang, Lili; Chen, Zhiyong; Fu, Minyue; Han, Zhimin August 17, 2017 12:02:36 PM EST
Add Bidirectional prospective associations of metabolic syndrome components with depression, anxiety, and antidepressant use Hiles, Sarah A.; Révész, Dóra; Lamers, Femke; Giltay, Erik; Penninx, Brenda W.J.H. August 17, 2017 11:49:57 AM EST
Add An initial loading-dose vitamin D versus placebo after hip fracture surgery: randomized trial Mak, Jenson C.S.; Mason, Rebecca S.; Klein, Linda; Cameron, Ian D. August 17, 2017 11:49:13 AM EST
Add Power, legitimacy and political positioning: a case study evaluating James’ Public Relations Positioning Framework Wise, Deborah August 17, 2017 11:31:17 AM EST
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