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Add Comparison of computed tomography perfusion and magnetic resonance imaging perfusion-diffusion mismatch in ischemic stroke Campbell, Bruce C. V.; Christensen, Søren; Levi, Christopher R.; Desmond, Patricia M.; Donnan, Geoffrey A.; Davis, Stephen M.; Parsons, Mark W. October 7, 2015 4:25:27 PM EST
Add Prognostic and diagnostic significance of DNA methylation patterns in high grade serous ovarian cancer Montavon, Céline; Gloss, Brian S.; Hacker, Neville .F; Sutherland, Robert L.; Clark, Susan J.; O'Brien, Philippa M.; Warton, Kristina; Barton, Caroline A.; Statham, Aaron L.; Scurry, James P.; Tabor, Bruce; Nguyen, Tuan V.; Qu, Wenja; Samimi, Goli October 7, 2015 4:25:06 PM EST
Add DNA and RNA analyses in detection of genetic predisposition to cancer Kurzawski, Grzegorz; Dymerska, Dagmara; Serrano-Fernandez, Pablo; Trubicka, Joanna; Masojc, Bartłomiej; Jakubowska, Anna; Scott, Rodney J October 7, 2015 4:23:22 PM EST
Add Contesting notions of an 'education industry': media commentary on the transition to a trade-orientated international student program in Australia Burke, Rachel October 7, 2015 4:23:04 PM EST
Add Circulatory syndrome: an evolution of the metabolic syndrome concept! Khoshdel, Ali Reza; Carney, Shane L.; Gillies, Alastair October 7, 2015 4:22:39 PM EST
Add Transabdominal electrical stimulation increases colonic propagating pressure waves in paediatric slow transit constipation Clarke, Melanie C. C.; Catto-Smith, Anthony G.; Southwell, Bridget R.; King, Sebastian K.; Dinning, Phil G.; Cook, Ian J.; Chase, Janet W.; Gibb, Susan M.; Robertson, Val J.; Simpson, Di; Hutson, John M. October 7, 2015 4:21:14 PM EST
Add Painting pictures and playing musical instruments: change in participation and relationship to health in older women Liddle, Jeannine L. M.; Parkinson, Lynne; Sibbritt, David W. October 7, 2015 4:20:40 PM EST
Add Co-secure and secure domination in graphs Arumugam, S.; Ebadi, Karam; Manrique, Martin October 7, 2015 4:20:28 PM EST
Add The retracking technique on multi-peak and quasi-specular waveforms for Jason-1 and Jason-2 missions near the coast Idris, N. H.; Deng, X. October 7, 2015 4:07:26 PM EST
Add A systematic review of diffusion tensor imaging findings in sports-related concussion Gardner, Andrew; Kay-Lambkin, Frances; Stanwell, Peter; Donnelly, James; Williams, W. Huw; Hiles, Alexandra; Schofield, Peter; Levi, Christopher; Jones, Derek K. October 7, 2015 3:59:49 PM EST
Add Cost-utility analysis of liraglutide versus glimepiride as add-on to metformin in type 2 diabetes patients in China Gao, Lan; Zhao, Fei-Li; Li, Shu-Chuen October 7, 2015 3:59:35 PM EST
Add Development of eight microsatellite loci from the Green and Golden Bell Frog Litoria aurea through GS-FLX pyrosequencing and cross-amplification with other species of the Litoria aurea species group DeBoo, Matthew L.; Bertozzi, Terry; Donnellan, Stephen; Mahony, Michael J. October 7, 2015 3:58:47 PM EST
Add The 'Condemned Criminals': sexual violence, race, and manliness in colonial Australia Kaladelfos, Amanda October 7, 2015 3:58:29 PM EST
Add Generalised Hammerstein-Wiener system estimation and a benchmark application Wills, Adrian; Ninness, Brett October 7, 2015 3:58:11 PM EST
Add Inside information disclosure regime in Hong Kong, from listing rules to securities law: a comparison with Australia Chan, Raymond Siu Yeung; Ho, John Kong Shan October 7, 2015 3:56:43 PM EST
Add Ethnic marketing sensitivity: reconciling rigorous theory with pragmatism Pires, Guilherme; Stanton, John October 7, 2015 1:44:15 PM EST
Add Pharmacometrics: so much mathematics and why planes achieve their destinations with almost perfect results... Isbister, Geoffrey K.; Bies, Robert October 7, 2015 10:55:16 AM EST
Add How do we assess whether the QT interval is abnormal: myths, formulae and fixed opinion Isbister, Geoffrey K. October 7, 2015 10:50:18 AM EST
Add Population pharmacokinetics of an Indian F(ab')₂ snake antivenom in patients with Russell's viper (Daboia russelii) bites Isbister, Geoffrey K.; Maduwage, Kalana; Karunathilake, Harindra; Gawarammana, Indika; Lalloo, David G; de Silva, H. Janaka; Saiao, Ana; Buckley, Nicholas A.; Jayamanne, Shaluka F.; Seyed, Shahmy; Mohamed, Fahim; Chathuranga, Umesh; Mendes, Alexandre; Abeysinghe, Chandana October 7, 2015 10:43:55 AM EST
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