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Add Hurricane risk assessment of power distribution poles considering the impact of climate change Bjarnadottir, Sigridur; Li, Yue; Stewart, Mark G.; ., July 28, 2017 4:56:13 PM EST
Add The transition streets challenge: potential and challenges Stuart, Graeme July 28, 2017 4:32:11 PM EST
Add MEMS based oscillator incorporating a displacement sensor Moore, Steven I.; Moheimani, S.O. Reza July 28, 2017 4:27:27 PM EST
Add New species and records of the molycriine ground spider genus Wydundra (Araneae: Prodidomidae) from northern Australia Platnick, Norman I.; Baehr, Barbara C. July 28, 2017 4:13:48 PM EST
Add Dual-stage model predictive control for flying capacitor converters Lezana, Pablo; Norambuena, Margarita; Aguilera, Ricardo P.; Quevedo, Daniel E. July 28, 2017 4:12:17 PM EST
Add The goblin spider genus Opopaea in Australia and the Pacific Islands (Araneae: Oonopidae) Baehr, Barbara C.; Harvey, Mark S.; Smith, Helen M.; Ott, Richard July 28, 2017 4:05:18 PM EST
Add The new Australian ground-hunting spider genus Leichhardteus (Araneae: Corinnidae) Baehr, Barbara C.; Raven, Robert J. July 28, 2017 4:05:06 PM EST
Add On constrained continuous-time nonlinear control systems De Doná, Jośe A.; Lévine, Jean July 28, 2017 3:53:36 PM EST
Add Performance analysis of a time headway based rate control algorithm for VANET safety applications Javed, Muhammad A.; Khan, Jamil Y. July 28, 2017 3:38:03 PM EST
Add Part of the fabric and mostly right: an ethnography of ethics in clinical practice Doran, Evan; Fleming, Jennifer; Jordens, Christopher; Stewart, Cameron L.; Letts, Julie; Kerridge, Ian H. July 28, 2017 3:29:23 PM EST
Add The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of severe aldicarb toxicity after overdose Michael, Adam P.; Mostafa, Ahmed; Cooper, Joyce M.; Grice, Jeffrey; Roberts, Michael S.; Isbister, Geoffrey K. July 28, 2017 3:29:10 PM EST
Add Snake antivenom for snake venom induced consumption coagulopathy Maduwage, Kalana; Buckley, Nick A.; de Silva, H. Janaka; Lalloo, David G.; Isbister, Geoffrey K. July 28, 2017 3:29:00 PM EST
Add Real-time imaging of density ducts between the plasmasphere and ionosphere Loi, Shyeh Tjing; Murphy, Tara; Offringa, André R.; Bell, Martin E.; Ekers, Ronald D.; Gaensler, B. M.; Lonsdale, Colin J.; Feng, Lu; Hancock, Paul J.; Kaplan, David L.; Bernardi, G.; Bowman, J. D.; Cairns, Iver H.; Briggs, F.; Cappallo, R. J.; Deshpande, A. A.; Greenhill, L. J.; Hazelton, B. J.; Johnston-Hollitt, M.; Mcwhirter, S. R.; Mitchell, D. A.; Morales, M. F.; Morgan, E.; Menk, Frederick W.; Oberoi, D.; Ord, S. M.; Prabu, T.; Shankar, N. Udaya; Srivani, K. S.; Subrahmanyan, R.; Tingay, S. J.; Wayth, R. B.; Webster, R. L.; Williams, A.; Waters, Colin L.; Williams, C. L.; Erickson, Philip J.; Trott, Cathryn M.; Hurley-Walker, Natasha; Morgan, John; Lenc, Emil July 28, 2017 3:28:46 PM EST
Add Seeking health information online: association with young Australian women's physical, mental, and reproductive health Rowlands, Ingrid Jean; Loxton, Deborah; Dobson, Annette; Mishra, Gita Devi July 28, 2017 3:28:00 PM EST
Add A computational model for accommodating spatial uncertainty: predicting inhabitation patterns in open-planned spaces Çekmiş, Aslı; Hacıhasanoğlu, Işıl; Ostwald, Michael J. July 28, 2017 3:18:29 PM EST
Add Couples coping with cancer: exploration of theoretical frameworks from dyadic studies Regan, Tim W.; Lambert, Sylvie D.; Kelly, Brian; Falconier, Mariana; Kissane, David; Levesque, Janelle V. July 28, 2017 3:17:19 PM EST
Add Factors in early life programming of reproductive fitness Sominsky, L.; Fuller, E. A.; Hodgson, D. M. July 28, 2017 3:16:18 PM EST
Add Proteotranscriptomic profiling of 231-BR breast cancer cells: identification of potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets for brain metastasis Dun, Matthew D.; Chalkley, Robert J.; Hondermarck, Hubert; Faulkner, Sam; Keene, Sheridan; Avery-Kiejda, Kelly A.; Scott, Rodney J.; Falkenby, Lasse G.; Cairns, Murray J.; Larsen, Martin R.; Bradshaw, Ralph A. July 28, 2017 3:16:04 PM EST
Add Information management/sharing problems during the inspection stage of construction: a case study in Australia Vo Tran, Huan; Kanjanabootra, Sittimont; Macauley, Peter; Corbitt, Brian July 28, 2017 2:48:58 PM EST
Add The impact of information sharing misalignment in the Thai construction industry Kanjanabootra, Sittimont July 28, 2017 2:43:22 PM EST
Add Probabilistic cost-benefit analysis of climate change adaptation strategies for new RC structures exposed to chloride ingress Bastidas-Arteaga, E.; Stewart, M.G. July 28, 2017 2:39:39 PM EST
Add Performance analysis of a city smart grid communication network based on the IEEE 802.16e standard Saad, Khalid I.; Khan, Jamil Y. July 28, 2017 2:26:00 PM EST
Add Feng shui and sustainable design for modern buildings Mak, Michael Y. July 28, 2017 2:25:39 PM EST
Add Identity theft! Are new age teachers changing the identity of the technology teacher? Trevallion, Deborah; Eade, Leanne; Jones, Nerissa; Gayner, Daniel; Owen, Donna July 28, 2017 12:51:39 PM EST
Add Jamming attack on cyber-physical systems: a game-theoretic approach Li, Yuzhe; Shi, Ling; Cheng, Peng; Chen, Jiming; Quevedo, Daniel E. July 28, 2017 12:47:59 PM EST
Add Using design thinking to raise the status of technology education Trevallion, Deborah; Owen, Donna; Gayner, Daniel; Jones, Nerissa; Eade, Leanne July 28, 2017 12:44:43 PM EST
Add Optimizing basis function pole locations for transformer frequency response identification Wolinski, Samuel; Welsh, James S.; Tusek, Joe July 28, 2017 12:22:42 PM EST
Add Using rapid development tools to design and construct a STATCOM with active harmonic cancellation capabilities Nathan, K. S.; Summers, T. J.; Betz, R. E.; Carter, D. R. H. July 28, 2017 12:16:24 PM EST
Add Design and construction of a power electronics based current injection unit to improve the accuracy of earthing system tests Foyster, J. E.; Summers, T. J.; Woodhouse, D. J.; Palmer, S. July 28, 2017 12:11:20 PM EST
Add Deterioration of concrete structures in Australia under a changing climate Peng, Lizhengli; Stewart, Mark G. July 28, 2017 11:57:55 AM EST
Add Service-learning at retreats for children with special needs and their families Stuart, Graeme; Hazelwood, Emma; Sinclair, Elizabeth; Bourne, Kerrell July 28, 2017 11:22:58 AM EST
Add Shifting the wait: meeting the demands for paediatric speech pathology services Little, Alexandra; Grasselli, Mattias July 28, 2017 11:20:11 AM EST
Add Leadership in regional innovation management: new theoretical and policy perspectives Veldhuizen, Caroline; Kriz, Anton July 28, 2017 10:59:25 AM EST
Add Design of a cognitive game: uncovering player strategies in the hot hand game Williams, Paul; Nesbitt, Keith; Eidels, Ami; Washburn, Mark; Cornforth, David July 28, 2017 10:57:31 AM EST
Add Time-dependent reliability analysis of corrosion damage to concrete structures in China due to a changing climate Peng, L.; Stewart, M. G. July 28, 2017 9:59:26 AM EST
Add Modelling estuarine wetlands under climate change and infrastructure pressure Trivisonno, F.N.; Rodríguez, J.F.; Riccardi, G.A.; Saco, P.M.; Stenta, H. July 28, 2017 9:58:47 AM EST
Add Energy-based nonlinear control of ship roll gyro-stabiliser with precession angle constraints Donaire, Alejandro; Perez, Tristan July 28, 2017 9:30:37 AM EST
Add First strike capability: exploring the 2011 Botswana public sector strike through newspaper coverage Macneil, Johanna July 28, 2017 9:25:26 AM EST
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