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Add 1 NOVA. The University of Newcastle's Digital Repository 201
Add 2 Risk-based passenger screening: risk and economic assessment of TSA PreCheck increased security at reduced cost? 177
Add 3 The importance of community development 39
Add 4 The sociological gaze: linking private lives to public issues 28
Add 5 Factors determining Saudi learners' difficulties in attaining EFL vocabulary 27
Add 6 A critical evaluation of the environmental impact assessment system in Bangladesh using a holistic approach 26
Add 7 Biological insights from 108 schizophrenia-associated genetic loci 25
Add 8 The 'creative treatment of actuality': rationalizing and reconceptualizing the notion of creativity for documentary practice 22
Add 9 Phloem loading and unloading of sugars and amino acids 21
Add 10 Planar chromatography versus column chromatography: a performance comparison 20
Add 11 Back to basics : a critique of the strengths perspective in social work 20
Add 12 New Australian standards for masonry in small structures 20
Add 13 Query processing and optimization in distributed database systems 20
Add 14 A review of the impact of new media on public relations: challenges for terrain, practice and education 18
Add 15 'Could you see to the return of my daughter’: fathers and daughters under the New South Wales Aborigines protection board child removal policy 18
Add 16 On discourse and representation: reflections on Michel Foucault's contribution to the study of mass media 17
Add 17 The geomechanics of single-seam and multi-seam longwall coal mining 17
Add 18 Economic modelling functionality of SCA's water supply system model (wathnet) for asset planning 17
Add 19 Recovery and utilization of calcium from fish bones byproducts as a rich calcium source 16
Add 20 The role of cow's milk protein in children with chronic functional constipation 16
Add 21 A causal analysis of the relationship between teacher job satisfaction and student achievement 15
Add 22 The Fit-4-Fun study: promoting physical activity and physical fitness in primary school-aged children 14
Add 23 Non-specialist teachers' confidence to teach PE: the nature and influence of personal school experiences in PE 14
Add 24 The lowest of low cost carriers: the case of AirAsia 14
Add 25 The strengths and weaknesses of environmental impact assessment system in Bangladesh: institutional aspects 14
Add 26 Interrupting History: A critical-reconceptualisation of History curriculum after 'the end of history' 13
Add 27 Genome-wide association study of endometrial cancer in E2C2 13
Add 28 Determining the key success factors of tourism small and medium-sized enterprises (TSMEs) in Malaysia 13
Add 29 The Community Composite Abuse Scale: reliability and validity of a measure of intimate partner violence in a community survey from the ALSWH 13
Add 30 Genetic determinants of heel bone properties: genome-wide association meta-analysis and replication in the GEFOS/GENOMOS consortium 12
Add 31 The ecology of the east-coast free-tailed bat (Mormopterus norfolkensis) in the Hunter region 12
Add 32 Psychology applied to teaching 12
Add 33 "The convergence of the twain": Romanticism and Naturalism in Thomas Hardy's tragic novels 12
Add 34 Educational Integrity: Values in Teaching, Learning & Research: 2nd Asia-Pacific Educational Integrity Conference 12
Add 35 ‘Mission Impossible’: Aboriginal survival before, during and after the Aboriginal Protection Era 11
Add 36 Condition-dependent transcriptome reveals high-level regulatory architecture in Bacillus subtilis 11
Add 37 Influences on gender disparity in TVET enrolement: a comparison of engineering and business courses in Kenya 11
Add 38 E-learning quantity surveying measurement for net-generation students 11
Add 39 The management of crowds and other risks at outdoor music festivals: a review of the literature 11
Add 40 Influences on crowd behaviour at outdoor music festivals 11
Add 41 Pathogenic ischemic stroke phenotypes in the NINDS-Stroke Genetics Network 10
Add 42 Competitive tactics, generic strategies and firm performance in banking industry in Cambodia 10
Add 43 Genetic variation in mitotic regulatory pathway genes is associated with breast tumor grade 9
Add 44 Health promotion dilemmas 9
Add 45 Schizophrenia genetic variants are not associated with intelligence 9
Add 46 Refined histopathological predictors of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation status: a large-scale analysis of breast cancer characteristics from the BCAC, CIMBA, and ENIGMA consortia 9
Add 47 Is Corporate Responsibility Converging? A Comparison of Corporate Responsibility Reporting in the USA, UK, Australia, and Germany 9
Add 48 The Impact of career development on employee commitment of Part-Time Faculty (PTF) in Hong Kong’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Sector 9
Add 49 Automatic liver parenchyma segmentation from abdominal CT images using support vector machines 9