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Add 1 NOVA. The University of Newcastle's Digital Repository 175
Add 2 Health promotion dilemmas 12
Add 3 Thoughtful practice: self-awareness and reflection 10
Add 4 A cost-effective approach to the development of printed materials: a randomized controlled trial of three strategies 7
Add 5 Business driven environmental action in agricultural based tourism micro-clusters in Norway and Australia 7
Add 6 The importance of community development 6
Add 7 Underlying ethos in Indian architecture: critical regionalism in the age of globalisation 6
Add 8 Magical techniques and implements present in Graeco-Egyptian magical papyri, Byzantine Greek Solomonic manuscripts and European grimoires: transmission, continuity and commonality (the technology of Solomonic magic) 6
Add 9 Variations in inorganic & organic composition of roof-harvested rainwater: studies at the regional & individual site level in Eastern & Southern Australia 5
Add 10 Phloem loading and unloading of sugars and amino acids 5
Add 11 Tools for teaching computational mathematics 5
Add 12 A study of the use of ICT blended instruction in the teaching of English in a Thai University 4
Add 13 Examining the effects of website-induced flow in professional sporting team websites 4
Add 14 The Laudatio Murdiae: its content and significance 4
Add 15 Techniques for improving vision and locomotion on the Sony AIBO robot 4
Add 16 Self-compassion amongst clients with problematic alcohol use: can mindfulness treatment moderate treatment response? 4
Add 17 Teaching about, and dealing with, sensitive issues in schools: how confident are pre-service teachers? 4
Add 18 Children's influence in family consumer decision making: a study of Chinese families in Hong Kong 4
Add 19 Calculating visual complexity in Peter Eisenman's architecture: a computational fractal analysis of five houses (1968-1976) 4
Add 20 Using questionnaires in qualitative human geography 4
Add 21 A computational approach to fractal analysis of a cityscape's skyline 4
Add 22 Sealability properties of fluorine-free fire-fighting foams (FfreeF) 4
Add 23 Nutrition during pregnancy: an evaluation of maternal dietary intake and the development of foetal adiposity 4
Add 24 Devourer of Gods: the palaeoecology of the Cretaceous pliosaur Kronosaurus queenslandicus 4
Add 25 Educating about Islam and learning about self: an approach for our times 4
Add 26 Factors determining Saudi learners' difficulties in attaining EFL vocabulary 4
Add 27 Physical, chemical and thermal changes of coals and coal maceral concentrates during coke formation 4
Add 28 The Multiple Sclerosis Severity Score (MSSS) re-examined: EDSS rank stability in the MSBase dataset increases five years after onset of multiple sclerosis 4
Add 29 Genetic regulation of embryo development and formation of seed storage products in the legume model Medicago truncatula 3
Add 30 Women and constructing re-membering: identity formation in the stolen generations 3
Add 31 Critical reflection and self analysis: a review of the current research in the adult learning environment 3
Add 32 On the drift-flux analysis of flotation and foam fractionation processes 3
Add 33 Earthquake protection of masonry shear walls using fibre reinforced polymer strengthening 3
Add 34 Implications of structural, metamorphic and stratigraphic features in a Palaeozoic subduction complex, Southeastern NSW, Australia 3
Add 35 Sensor fault-tolerant control of a magnetic levitation system 3
Add 36 A TDDFT study of the optical absorption spectra of gold and silver clusters 3
Add 37 Swearing: impact on nurses and implications for therapeutic practice 3
Add 38 Improving nanoparticle organic photovoltaic device performance 3
Add 39 An investigation of teachers' collective responsibility for student learning 3
Add 40 The mandorla: a spiritual memoir 3
Add 41 CFD simulation of gas-solid flow in dense phase bypass pneumatic conveying using the Euler-Euler model 3
Add 42 The preperation of Chinese language teachers in the global context: a vertical case study of an Australian approach 3
Add 43 The interaction of Bacillus subtilis σA with RNA polymerase 3
Add 44 Genome-wide association and functional follow-up reveals new loci for kidney function 3