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Add 1 NOVA. The University of Newcastle's Digital Repository 227
Add 2 The importance of community development 70
Add 3 Functional analysis of tube chain conveyors: part 1: general design and calculation principles 26
Add 4 Experiences of men in regional Australia who retire early: a life course study 26
Add 5 The strengths and weaknesses of environmental impact assessment system in Bangladesh: institutional aspects 23
Add 6 Environmental impacts of coal seam gas activities on groundwater resources 18
Add 7 Improved extraction of green tea components from teabags using the microwave oven 18
Add 8 The indigenous music of East Timor and its relationship to the social and cultural mores and lulik worldview of its autochthonous people 12
Add 9 Entrepreneurial orientation and managerial competence: are they complimentary or contradictory to SME performance in Malaysia? 12
Add 10 "The convergence of the twain": Romanticism and Naturalism in Thomas Hardy's tragic novels 11
Add 11 Regional identity reconsidered: the work of Artigas and Bo Bardi in the Brazilian context (1950-70) 11
Add 12 Back to basics : a critique of the strengths perspective in social work 10
Add 13 Planar chromatography versus column chromatography: a performance comparison 10
Add 14 The impact of knowledge sharing on individual performance of government employees: the perceptions of administrative and executive officers in Hong Kong 10
Add 15 The trajectory of universal primary education and educational decentralisation in Tanzania 1961-2015: a Nyererean perspective 9
Add 16 Exploring the orientation of tiki houseposts in protohistoric Pacific Oceania 9
Add 17 Public participation and community involvement in environmental and social impact assessment in developing countries 8
Add 18 Engaging Vietnamese students in Australian accounting courses through inter-teaching at an offshore campus 8
Add 19 Magical techniques and implements present in Graeco-Egyptian magical papyri, Byzantine Greek Solomonic manuscripts and European grimoires: transmission, continuity and commonality (the technology of Solomonic magic) 8
Add 20 Business driven environmental action in agricultural based tourism micro-clusters in Norway and Australia 8
Add 21 Infant and young child feeding practices among children aged 0-23 months in Tanzania 8
Add 22 The 'creative treatment of actuality': rationalizing and reconceptualizing the notion of creativity for documentary practice 8
Add 23 The Neutral Mask: its position in Western actor training, and its application to the creative processes of the actor 8
Add 24 The lowest of low cost carriers: the case of AirAsia 8
Add 25 Second opinion: an introduction to health sociology 8
Add 26 Dirty lesbian pictures: art and pornography in The L Word 8
Add 27 Private men, public anger: the men's rights movement in Australia 8
Add 28 The role of the violin in expressing the musical ideas of the romantic period and the development of violin techniques in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries 7
Add 29 A causal analysis of the relationship between teacher job satisfaction and student achievement 7
Add 30 Wireless body area network (WBAN) for medical applications 7
Add 31 Fundamentals of nursing and midwifery: a person-centred approach to care 7
Add 32 ‘Mission Impossible’: Aboriginal survival before, during and after the Aboriginal Protection Era 7
Add 33 Multistrategy childcare-based intervention to improve compliance with nutrition guidelines versus usual care in long day care services: a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial 7
Add 34 Health promotion dilemmas 6
Add 35 Exploring motivations for popular music concert attendance 6
Add 36 The Fit-4-Fun study: promoting physical activity and physical fitness in primary school-aged children 6
Add 37 A useful visualization technique: a literature review for augmented reality and its application, limitation & future direction 6
Add 38 The effect of teachers’ motivational strategies on EFL learners’ achievement 6
Add 39 Building information modeling and quantity surveying practice 6
Add 40 The relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership: an investigation and review of competing claims in the literature 6
Add 41 Sex, race and power: Aboriginal men and white women in Australian history 6
Add 42 On discourse and representation: reflections on Michel Foucault's contribution to the study of mass media 6
Add 43 Creative documentary practice: internalising the Systems Model of Creativity through documentary video and online practice 6
Add 44 Second Life: a context for design learning 6
Add 45 Evergreen, bank funding & liquidity management 6
Add 46 The relationship between knowledge management factors and the adoption of knowledge sharing: a study of Singapore organisations 6