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// File name: frequency_rank_by_million.txt
// Author: Jason S. Kimberley
// Associated Journal Article: Principal Divisor Ranks of the First Trillion Positive Integers

// f_r_by_M[r,M] is the count of those integers in the range [(M-1)*10^6 + 1 .. M*10^6] with principal divisor rank r.
// f_r_by_M[r,M] is defined for r in [1..11] and M in [1..10^6].
// Implicitly we have:
//   f_r_by_M[0,1] eq 1 (the integer 1 uniquely has principal divisor rank 0),
//   f_r_by_M[0,M] eq 0 for every M gt 1.

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