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There are staff in the University Library who can assist with copyright information and assistance:

Senior Librarian, Intellectual property
Catherine Moffat

NOVA Repository staff
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Copyright Ownership

The copyright owner retains all copyright ownership rights under copyright law and grants the University a non-exclusive right to store and use content deposited in the repository.

Information for contributors

Under the terms of the Deposit Licence only those with the authority to do so may deposit material into the repository. Responsibility for ensuring that the copyrights of others, including publishers and individuals, are not infringed rests with the person making the deposit.

Information for users

You may copy whole papers for your personal non-commercial use subject to the copyright laws of the country in which you reside, providing the material is properly attributed. If the material is required for any other purpose, you should contact the author or publisher direct as requests of this nature are not processed through this repository.

Metadata rights

Harvesting full-text documents from this repository is not permitted; however, metadata can be harvested by third parties for purposes related to the discovery of the archive's contents.

Referencing material from this repository

If the version of the paper you accessed was an author's version within the repository, you should make this clear when you are referencing the material. For example:

Author/s. Year. Article title, Journal title. volume, issue, pages. [Authors version]. Accessed on [Date] [Direct link to the record within the repository].

Records within the repository will endeavour to include a link to the publisher's site, wherever possible, for your referral to the published version.

Do you think your copyright has been infringed?

If you believe copyright work that is available on this site constitutes copyright infringement or a breach of agreed licence or contract please use the <Notification of Infringement Form>. This form is designed for you to provide sufficient information for our investigation and response.

Managing your Copyright - Information for Authors

Review the publisher's policy on self-archiving

It is common for journal publishers to routinely ask authors to assign copyright to the publisher. However many publishers also allow authors to retain the right to self-archive a copy of the author's post-print version in their institutional repository. Details relating to this information can usually be found on the journal's website as information for authors/contributors.

The SHERPA/RoMEO web site provides a list of a range of publisher policies.

Author Addendums

It's a good idea to check the conditions of a publisher's contract before you sign it.

Several websites including SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and the Science Commons can help you with wording to add to the contract, allowing you to also put your work into a repository, rather than assigning all rights in full to the publisher.

For example the Science Common's Scholar's Copyright Project has a tool, the scholar's copyright addendum engine which helps authors to generate a PDF form that can be attached to a journal publisher's copyright agreement.

SPARC also has an online addendum tool to assist authors.

Publishers are encountering this more often as open access institutional repositories gain momentum around the world.

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