International Studies in Widening Participation

International Studies in Widening Participation aims to encourage critical debate about educational issues of international interest and significance. Contributions provide novel insights about specific or local issues in the context of wider concerns and discourses about widening educational participation across the globe. Articles critically engage with and extend current research about widening participation in education in the context of wider issues, trends or theoretical debates. The journal is inter-disciplinary and international and welcomes articles that span a wide range of issues including, but not limited to:

  • inclusive pedagogies, curricula and practices
  • outreach, access and equity
  • policies and practice
  • transition and retention
  • online learning and learning spaces
  • engagement and belonging
  • praxis and methodological issues

The journal welcomes different approaches, methodologies, styles of writing and innovative formats. Papers:

  • engage audiences across different disciplines and professions, as well as different nations
  • critically engage with and extend current research
  • focus on providing clear concepts and terminology and explicate their meaning and context
  • provide theoretical or methodological rigour, appropriate to focus, approach and genre



Available now: Special Issue


Social justice in the enterprise university: global perspectives on theory, policy, ethics and critical practice

Guest editors

Dr Anna Bennett, Dr Rachel Buchanan and Dr Erica Southgate (The University of Newcastle, Australia)

Rationale and themes

The global rise of the enterprise university (Marginson and Considine, 2000) reflects the increasing dominance of neo-liberal discourses within the field of education (Connell, 2012; Bennett et al. 2012). Although seemingly economic in focus, neo-liberalism is a comprehensive socio-political paradigm that informs our sense of ethical responsibility and social justice. Neo-liberal concepts of timeliness, accountability, individual entrepreneurship, efficiency, calculability, productivity and competitive achievement permeate universities and, some would argue, the subjectivities that higher education longs to produce (Clegg, 2010).

This Special Issue (Volume 2, Issue 2) will consist of papers that grapple with the philosophical, social, theoretical and practical aspects of social justice and equity work within the context of the enterprise university. Rather than focus on a lament of the past and associated descriptions of the neo-liberal environment, the Special Issue will explore the various forms of social justice and equity work that are conducted in this landscape and the opportunities and tensions that arise as a result. The Special Issue will publish scholarly work that explores emergent subversions, openings, creativities and spaces of freedom, while maintaining a critical eye on the tactics and effects of neo-liberalism

Posted: 2015-10-20
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